Test Laboratory Capabilities

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The ability of a product to withstand the environment within which it has to operate, be stored or transported is critical to its success. Environmental testing ensures your product is fit for purpose and will survive the most extreme conditions encountered in its lifetime.
Our environmental test laboratory provides a comprehensive range of both commercial and marine environmental testing for our clients to fully evaluate and qualify the performance of their products.

Testing Your Product's Reliability in Various Environmental Conditions

Certain products are required to perform in dynamic environments or challenging conditions, whilst other products are expected to operate reliably following transportation or storage. Axis Test Laboratories have the relevant knowledge and expertise in order to accurately and effectively simulate such conditions in order to assess a product's reliability.

Environmental Testing During Product Development

We work hard to ensure that a product's performance, safety and life-span can be accurately predicted following exposure to its anticipated operational conditions, which can assist with the client's research and development, leading to a more robust and reliable product.

Environmental Testing to Achieve Approvals

We provide our clients with modern, state-of-the-art environmental test facilities to meet national, international and industry standards. Our flexible working schedule and dedicated project managers provide our clients with industry leading turnaround times and cost effective testing.

Our core business is marine type approval testing of equipment for offshore and sub-sea applications. Working to the latest standards laid down by the world leading classification societies, we produce a testing program using the worst case parameters from the classification societies standards to reduce testing time and costs.

Our fully equipped laboratory uses state of the art monitoring equipment which allows us to carry out a standard test suite and produce the required reports within a two week time frame, subject to successful testing.