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Traffic Lights and Variable Message Signs

Variable Message Signage (VMS) and Traffic light Testing at Axis Test Laboratories

Axis Test Laboratories can provide the essential accredited tests set out in BS EN 12966 specific to the development of Variable Message Signs:

Vibration: Carried out to the requirements of BS EN 60068-2-64 / BS EN 12966. Monitored throughout the process of testing with performance checks carried out upon request. All axes catered for in the orientation of choice to provide accurate representation of operational conditions.

Shock and Bump: Certain documents such as TR2130 require and bump testing which is performed to BS EN 60068-2-27. Rigorous observations are carried out prior to commencement and upon completion of the test. The units are monitored throughout the test to ensure that any issues or potential problems are identified at the earliest stages.

Corrosion: Performed to ISO 9227. 240 hours at 35°C, 5% NaCl. The chamber used is expansive, able to fit most signs and full VMS units. Observation with recorded digital photography help identify problem areas and show propagation of corrosion.

Hot, Cold, Cyclic Humidity, Change of Temp: Performed to the requirements of BS EN 60068. A large controlled climatic chamber is available that can be expanded to accommodate practically any commercially available traffic sign or VMS unit. Capable of controlling temperatures as low as -70°C or as great as +180°C with full temperature and humidity logging features.

All equipment used in testing have fully traceable UKAS calibration certificates, ensuring that all testing is done with the greatest of accuracy and precision.

Water Ingress, Dust Ingress, Impact and EMC testng: Performed by an approved UKAS accredited contractor with whom Axis works closely to ensure the same robust standards are maintained at all times.

Fully UKAS compliant reports are provided as part of our extensive service with details of the testing performed, results and evidence including the details of any functional tests performed by request.

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