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Our Services

Rail & Rolling Stock

Find out more about the range of testing solutions we can offer to the rail industry and its suppliers.

Marine, Subsea, Oil & Gas

Find out more about the range of testing solutions we can offer specificly for the Marine sector.

Military & Defence

Testing solutions designed for equipment destined for the harsh conditions of military use.

Traffic Lights & VMS systems

Find out more about the range of testing services we can offer specificly for traffic lights and Variable message signage.

Vibration Testing

Find out more about the range of Sinusoidal and Random vibration testing solutions we can offer.

Shock Testing

Discover the advantages of shock testing, and ensure product reliability.

Low Temperature Testing

Extreme cold can have adverse effects on many mechanical and electrical components, Testing helps to ensure your product works when it should.

High Temperature Testing

High temperatures can be the cause of many reliability issues. Testing can help highlight faulty components, insufficient cooling and material issues.

Humidity Testing

High levels of humidity can cause issues such as delamination of PCBs and breakdown of internal resistance.

Cyclic Temperature Testing

Simulating the cyclic nature of installation environments helps to highlight temperature related stresses.

Drop Testing

Impacts during tranportation and handling sometimes means equipment arriving damaged or non-functional. Package testing will ensure that your equipment arrives in great condition.

Corrosion Testing

Corrosive atmospheres can have a great impact on not only the coating and finish of your product, but could cause issues with function, access for maintainance and product longevity .

Our Work

Packaging and Transportation testing, Drop Testing


Find out more about the range of Packaging and Transport testing we can offer.

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Vibration and Shock Testing

Vibration Testing

Discover how Vibration and Shock testing can help determine product durability and reliability

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High and Low Temperature Testing, Humidity Testing

Climatic Testing

High and Low temperatures as well as Humidity can have adverse effects on equipment. Testing ensures that your products perform as they should.

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Corrosive atmospheres / salt spray testing

Corrosive Atmospheres

Ensure coatings and materials are suitable for the harsh environments where they are to be installed.

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